Important Tips For Your Foot Care

Buy cream in a pharmacy

When traces cleaned and scrubbed, they are waiting for the next dose in order to pamper – hydration and feeding. Incidentally, the cream should be used on a daily basis. Cream, as needed, prefer – pharmacies or medical supply stores sold products against both the thick skin and dry, cracked feet and against sweating. Experts recommend that the professional creams, because they, unlike the mass production of smaller molecules, so they are much better absorbed into the skin, nourishes and moisturizes the deep tissue layer, and without fat. The cream can also be used as a mask (applied for 20 minutes, feet wrapped in food-quality film and donning wool socks) to get a better result. You can also use almond oil or coconut, olive oil or shea butter.

Visit the foot care cabinet

It is recommended to go once a month or twice every three months. The specialist will recommend you suitable pedicure types, from classical or medical and ending with dry or spa pedicure.

How you can cure your dry feet at home

Enemies of nice feet

Sweating. Healthy feet do not sweat, not reinforced thick socks, or in hot weather. Normally the foot should be sufficient washing once a day. After washing them thoroughly dry the and put on socks. Definitely, prefer breathable shoes. If the feet sweat increased, mainly attributed to serving the autonomic nervous system disorders, inappropriate ( unbreathable) material and shoe trees choice. In this case, the problem can be solved by adjusting the feet with shoe grip support sole. Disinfected shoes, use disinfectant feet (can be used foot deodorant) and choose a pharmacy you can buy cream for foot sweating.

Foot fungus. See your foot-and-mouth structure with a critical eye. Even the most beautiful season shoes will not be able to look good if they are stretched to the unmanaged trace. The most common of foot fungus show signs such as severe itching around the toes or ruptured vesicles, and adverse changes in the appearance of the nail. Nails look healthy pink and transparent, not wrinkled, rough, unhealthy yellowish or deformed. In such a case, definitely, take the analytical tests to determine if a fungal infection of the nail psoriasis and other dermatological diseases. The biggest mistake that most allows for foot care is forgetfulness after washing towel dry not only the feet but also to carefully wipe your finger in between. However, this compulsory event for foot fungus prevention. It is best to go to the doctor to buy a tool to resolve the problem. The affected nails should not be lacquered. In the first place, claw itself will not become healthy, secondly, lacquering just may help the development of the disease.
Corns. They say that corns are only a symptom of a problem. Most often it occurs because the body load on the foot is distributed unevenly, which can lead to inappropriate wearing of shoes. The problem can be removed from  medical pedicure office. There are foot diagnostics, which can be measured, as the traces distributed load, and if necessary, choose the specific Supinators, orthopedic insoles or silicone proofreaders.
Thick cracked heels. Heel skin becomes thicker because thickened skin formation is often a protective response to friction and irritation. The skin becomes dry, rough, good and may even crack. So every week is used in the scrub, but if thickening is too hard and cracked, it is desirable to go to the foot care cabinet.
Blisters. Blistering emergence promotes moisture and inappropriate shoes (they are too close, they are too high heels, they are too large). If shoes are so fond of, that you are not ready to give them up, it is recommended to buy orthopedic insoles. If there is a blister, disinfect the needle with alcohol and gently pierce the side, is treated with hydrogen peroxide and label patch. This will facilitate quicker healing of blisters.
For some time, the fungus can be removed by laser. The procedure lasts 20-30 minutes and usually requires treatment three times with 6-8 weeks apart (costs are similar internal use drug therapy, but treatment except faster)

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