Don’t Forget About The Skin Care Of Your Neck And Decolletage

A sensitive area has to be given to the double attention because it quickly loses its flexibility and moisture. In the face of regular procedures at the beauty salon always get “two for one” because every face, neck and decolletage procedure also includes the area of care. But often the only daily on the face, neck, and decolletage forgetting area.

This skin is very thin, mostly rather dry subject to environmental impact – the sun, cold, wind and other stimuli. Therefore, it is important to attend, otherwise, it may become her real age a traitor. Because, as a woman to take care of their skin, the untended neck may discover her years.

The zone can be used for skin care, but also precisely this area for creams. It is important in the interests of neck skin tend in the right direction – from the neck up, but the holes on the sides – from her ears down. The following shall be carried out in both treatments (with lotion or cream) and gently applied the cream. You can also rub with a dry cloth and towel, do not rub too much and take into account the direction – self-massage improve circulation.

Great for cervical and breast skin of contrast shower is carried out alternately with hot and cold water jet. Once a week or two neck and decolletage zone will just as easy and cherish you with nourishing face masks. Among other things, cosmetic brands that women 55-65 years of age created a special charges neck and decolletage area of care. They may present every day or every other day.
Cleavage of the area from the breastbone at an angle on his shoulders.

Tips to save a beautiful neck and decolletage skin

  • Always walk with my head up now, even if you’re sad;
  • Sleep on a low pillow and don’t read when lying;
  • Wears an appropriate size bra. If you wear a bra, pectoral muscles lose hardness and skin stretches, while too tight a bra creates an additional burden for breast and cervical area, contributing to its premature aging.
  • Avoid sunbathing in the sun and tanning salons and creams with sunscreens are used.
  • Every day by the neck and decolletage muscle strengthening exercises. You can go to the end of the exercise, which will develop a specialist ailment-specific session to promote muscle strengthening the neck and decolletage area.

Recommended skin care procedures

Beauty expert always recommends the best solution for you if you choose either nourishing procedures for the prevention, to skin aging which may mention the various types of massage – Moisturizing, nursing and consolidation masks or restorative procedures skin, which has a deeper and more intense effects. It prevents the skin aging and impedes the development of the aging process. These procedures may include the use of chemical mesotherapy peeling procedures.

Few skin care products for aging skin

There actually are tons of skin care products to reduce wrinkles and lines from your skin. At this time we would like to mention just two of them.

The first is amazing Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum. from Now Foods, Solutions, It is very cheap (around $11) and it works like a charm already only after few applies. It’s pretty amazing and first times when I saw the changes I was simply amazed how so cheap product can make miracles with my face as lines and wrinkles were significantly reduced.

The second product has a much higher price tag so not everyone will  be able to put it in the basket and try it. We are talking about so-called Botox alternative LifeCell anti wrinkle cream. You have to read LifeCell skin care review to find out more detailed information about this cream which is out there already for 10 years. For your knowledge already few years this powerful anti-wrinkle cream is available almost around the whole world.

Anti-aging secrets revealed

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  1. Women often forget about the area of their neck and that really tells the real ages. They do have Botox injected all over the face but the neck gives the real numbers and nobody is fooled at the end. I think that women should be more natural and not photoshopped in all magazines.

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